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Dr.Corset is a wearable medical device which is for beautiful body and healthy spine.

and it's wearable spine correction underwear.

You could wear this Dr.corset anywhere anytime conveniently.

It's very suit for men and women of all ages.

Prevention is key to keeping a healthy spine and pelvis.  


Dr.Corset obtained a patetnt(No.10-1420061) for 'Spine Guard Underwear' in July 2013, this is the world's first, together with KFDA certification(No.12-89/13-143)in December 2013 and recently this December 2014 also attained US FDA approval (Class 1 No. 3011189230), both of which are also first in the world.



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Dr_Corset_skin color

Dr_Corset_skin color

Dr_Corset_skin color